Little Chick Basket

My husband’s parents raise chickens.  My daughter and her grandma have been exchanging pictures for a few months now.  My daughter draws her pictures and my mother-in-law send pictures of her real chickens.  I thought I might make something “chicken” related for the two of them.  And then I saw the darling new collection, Locally Grown, from Creative Thursday.  And I love the little chicks fabric!

Little Chick Basket

I’ve also been wanting to try the Fabric Basket tutorial by Ayumi over at Pink Penguin.  It is fantastic.  Really easy to follow and the baskets are ADORABLE!  :-)

So, I made the little one for my daughter (her little kitty seems to have a new home), and I plan to make the bigger one for my mother-in-law.

Bently Found a Home

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