Doctor Who

A great many of my friends are HUGE Dr. Who fans.  I’d seen a random episode here and there, but the hubs and I finally decided to give it a try.  We watched the first season of the 2005 series and started with the ninth doctor, whom we LOVE.  We finished season one and enjoyed ourselves.  But we had a hard time adjusting to the tenth doctor (I know, he’s beloved), so we’ve been slower to get into season two.  However, a love for all things Dr. Who has nestled its way into my heart.  :-)

Recently I happened upon a fantastic tutorial over at Dog Under My Desk.  And so I gave it a go.  :-)

I was really excited to work on this and didn’t want to wait to order purse findings, so I used what I found at Michael’s, which wasn’t the best, but it’s working out okay.  And I ended up putting the zipper on the opposite side.  But overall it was a fun project. :-)  I bought her Essential Wristlet pattern and found many of her tips very helpful.

I have size issues.  I almost always imagine cyberworld “things” smaller or bigger than they are in real life, even when I have real-life measurements.  This is a decent size wristlet – almost more like a purse than a wallet, which is cool.  There is even a little pocket on the inside.  And, as I expected, I’ve already received requests from friends.  Next time I will try very hard to straighten my wonky stitching.  :-)

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  1. Adorable!!! My DH is a huge fan of the Dr. but I always find it disconcerting when they keep switching… I’m still stuck on Tom Baker. This is the perfect geek chic accessory;-)

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