Madrona Road Challenge

Our guild is participating in the Madrona Road Challenge, and I was fortunate to be one of the participants from our guild.  I had a lot of ideas and wanted to do something a little outside of my wheelhouse.  I finally settled on doing a different design for each block.  I generally like things ordered and balanced, so this was a fun exercise for me.  I drew a sketch and started cutting.  I wasn’t even sure I would have enough fabric to finish, but I decided to just kind of go for it.

Some of the blocks turned out really well and I had to re-do a few of the blocks.  But in the end, I am pretty happy with the results.  I added a Kona blue color to two of the blocks.  (I ran out of fabric after the do-overs, and I wanted to add a little more contrast/variety.)  At first I thought I would keep the blocks all together:

But I wasn’t in love with it, so I decided to kind of “float” them in Kona White.  I was happier with that look.  I love the clean, crispness of white.  The backing and binding fabric were Madrona Road prints from my stash.  I really love this collection!

I quilted with straight lines, one inch apart.  I washed it last night, and I love the crinkly goodness.  I added the corner pieces at the last minute – I have seen this idea before and really liked it.  The quilt ended up about 37″ x 37″.

The back is one of my favorite prints from the collection.  :-)  And a close-up of the quilting, pre-washing:

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  1. This is a gorgeous quilt. The addition of the blue makes it really pop, particularly against the white. Your backing fabric is a perfect fit too, because it has all your colours all mixed together! And the flowing corners… This is a winner!

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